Guess who’s been commissioned to write a play!



Writing for Blindside Theatre


I went down to London this weekend for the first reading of my script ‘Rising Tides’. The story is set forty years in the future, where the British government has enforced an electricity curfew due to growing fears about climate change. I’m working with Blindside Theatre to put the show on in early 2018, and this weekend provided an exciting glimpse of what it’s going to become!

Our intention is to show the human side of global warming through personal monologues, which we’ll combine with powerful physical theatre. I can’t wait to share the stages of this project with you – look out for more rehearsal shots and updates on the script over the next few weeks!


Florentine Stencil Work

Artwork I came across on the streets of Florence…

On my brief trip to Florence, of course there was so much art to take in and be inspired by. Aside from seeing Botticelli’s Venus and the rest of the Uffizi gallery, I came across this image of a woman on the streets of Florence.

There’s an encapsulating mystery to her portrait – who is she? Is she a character, or was the stencil artist inspired by someone?

I thought to share this striking image with you, and maybe it will influence some of my writing in the future!


More Poetry


delicious liquid gold




In Autumn morning sunlight, my room fills

with delicious liquid gold warmth, spilling

over my face and its squinting reflection.

Outside, the clichés come alive with yellow leaves

hovering on the breeze and speckling the floor.

I catch myself dreaming, a child in pink wool

walking alongside that soft brown fuzzy shape

with her dry hands and wedding ring just peeking

out from underneath waterproof plastic sleeves.

Don’t move. Let the heat swell up in you

and the liquid will just reach the glass rim.

Before it goes over, bask in its fullness.

When it overspills, drink as much as you can.